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  • Posted On: Feb 10, 2017
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  • Description: Our idea of tourism - Tourism was once an adjunct of knowledge. People travelled to satisfy their intellectual curiosity, to find out about different cultures and religions and visit new, little known territories. Today we can no longer be explorers and enjoy that moment of discovery, unless we move to another planet but we can enjoy the luxury and pleasure of choosing at the moment of planning our trip.
    The big tour operators offer stereotypes appealing to the masses where there is no room for deciding how, when or what to see. Today’s tourism is made up for the most part of corroboration Most tourists’ reason for travel is to see for themselves the image which the media has given of a region and confirm their views. Standard tourist packages satisfy this need and offer fake worlds, like those we have already seen on television or at the cinema and passively consumed.
    Our intention is to restore the possibility of choice to our customers, to satisfy their curiosity and offer them the excitement of discovering something interesting, in Tuscany.