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  • Posted On: Feb 10, 2017
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  • Description: McLuc Culture is non-profit cultural association, committed to bringing about coordination of creative for mutual support, youth in the study of new languages ​​and cultural turmoil of the street. It is committed in creating partnerships and network with each other cultural associations for the same purpose.
    The Association was founded in 2005 by the project McLuc ( and promotes the emerging culture to encourage the free expression of talents that would otherwise remain unexpressed. Also McLuc Culture is a point of reference for scholars and artists who want to work in original and innovative projects.
    President of the association is Fabrizio Maci, designer, artist, cool hunter, has worked for years in the field of cultural and social promotion, especially for emerging cultures and new languages ​​of youth. He works with newspapers and web magazine, has published three collections.
    The main objective of McLuc Culture, like Martel and related projects, is to disseminate and promote art and culture among young people through entertainment means and innovative places.