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    Social Capital Value Add (SCVA) is a corporate management & valuation methodology that links social media to corporate value in terms that investors & senior managers can act on.

    SCVA is rooted in accepted financial theory and previously introduced methods such as Economic Value Added & brand valuation. Like these methods SCVA can effectively change the way corporations behave.

    SCVA identifies social media as a scaled up form of social capital. It helps corporations recognize that people, empowered with broadband communications, are its most important assets for creating & defending value. Investors will bet on companies that understand that for the first time since the onset of the industrial revolution people cannot be reduced to mere factors of production. People are the best source of comparative advantage.

    SCVA ushers in new motives for corporate social responsibility. It highlights that bait & switch CSR tactics are not enough. Stable future earnings & the next leap forward in productivity will go to corporations who engage employees, customers, suppliers, distributors, etc, in activities that they can be proud to share with their friends and colleagues, who will in turn, recognize and reward these activities.

    Introducing Social Capital Value Add