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  • Created By: MedingroupLtd
  • Posted On: Feb 10, 2017
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  • Category: Management Consulting
  • Description: Medingroup Ltd was created with the purpose of providing specialized consulting services to companies in, advertising, technology, industreal, franchising, maufacturing, construction real estate but not limited to these fields. We seek the representation in international markets, the promotion of the companies and products globally and the brokerage of real estate within the Greek market for clients from all over the world. The services offered by Medingroup Ltd with offices in Greece, Dubai and partner network in Greece, the Middle East, China and Russia meet in full representation of Greek companies in international markets, ensuring proper visibility through promotional activities, the right guidance of companies through business consulting, providing integrated solutions, not only for international presence but also for the local market. In addition, Medingroup Ltd offers the promotion of products and companies in international markets, through reports and presentations with the help of international partnerships concluded with large groups around the world. We find customers throughout the world and particularly in the rapidly growing markets of the Middle East, China and Russia. Created so conditions to start collaborations helping in the demands of producers and traders. Finally, Medingroup Ltd undertakes real estate investment services within the growing market of Greece. Medingroup Ltd has extensive experience and expertise in the organization, administration and representation of Greek companies in foreign markets, having successfully managed a significant number of proposals of representation in the areas of catering, commerce and real estate, contributing significantly to the rise of Greek businesses in the markets of the Middle East and Russia. With valuable asset knowledge, experience and expertise of our people, we respond fully to the expectations of our customers, with absolute respect for their special needs. Assess and measure our performance through the achievement of the objectives of our clients.