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  • Created By: FrancescoTrivelli
  • Posted On: Feb 10, 2017
  • Views: 305
  • Category: Other
  • Description: This group gathers the coolest crowd in London for the most exclusive clubs with the best deals ever.

    After 2 successful years of promotion for the best venues in London, we have reached an impressive number of connections with nightclub managers, owners, and Djs, and we can truly get the best deals for our guests.

    We are planning an intense and continuative program of parties, 5 days per week, Tuesday to Saturday, plus Sunday for special occasions.

    The clubs that we sponsor (or we are going to) are:
    Maddox, Playboy Club, Jalouse, Movida, Luxx, One for One, Aura, Chinawhite, Valmont, Boujis and Whiskey Mist.

    All venues are top-class location opened mostly to members, and they have a strict dress-code policy. Trainers not allowed, shirt for men and heels for ladies are mandatory in most clubs. ID card or passport essential.
    Fares depends on the club policy, as well as the “jump the queue” option.

    Events will be advertised weekly using FB or ASW, by FB/ASW private messages, by newsletter or private mobile texts.

    Our exclusive guest list access includes complimentary (free) drinks at our hosting table. Vodka, Champagne, and special cocktails!

    Tables booking through us is recommended as we can mediate the best deals with the club.

    Private parties (i.e. hen parties, birthday parties, leaving parties ecc) can also be arranged with very competitive deals.

    The plan:

    Monday: N/A
    Tuesday: LUXX
    Thursday: MOVIDA / MADDOX
    Saturday: AURA /
    Sunday: BOUJIS

    For info please contact Francesco Trivelli (07805727429) and Lorenzo D'Episcopo (07896931761).

    Contact us soon.