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  • Posted On: Feb 10, 2017
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  • Description: Riviera Maya Project open to small and medium investors

    Picalu Immobiliare participates in this project alongside a group of yucatec and mexican investors (an arquitect, a real estate agent, a layer and a couple of local investors) and it is a medium-long term "vision" investment which can reach in time up to 9 zero figures in usd on more than 250 acres of jungle nearby Cobà (well known for their Mayan archeological site) and Tulum, in proximity to the newly int'l Airport in construction. The idea of the whole project is to make this investment accessible to all small and medium size private and public investors which will become possible thanks to the 49% sale of the newly constituting Share Company ("Sociedad Civil") which will permit to buy from a minimum fo a 1% (equivalent to 2.47 acres) up to a maximum of 10% of the Company's shares, creating such a sinergy to induce startup in few months from today (even 3 months)as works of viability and fencing the property destined to the ecological safari Park ; reallocation and if necessary repopulating with the requested flora and fauna for observation (as Jurassic park) and the initial turistic/hotel organization for a future development and earning (organize the turistic steps for present Cenotes, jungle crossing, building of an "hacienda and restaurant").

    Net income will not be able to be withdrawn but only will be reinvested in the project for the first 3 years, tending so to potentiate the Project to higher goals as the construction of a Health/Spa and a Medical Centre which would impulse all the central-south area of the Riviera Maya.

    The project will enrich itself as entering partners will join contributing with capital -partners who will benefit of special rights as living "timeshare" for as long as they detain the shares and a pre-sale special price of only 5 -7 usd$ per share (equivalent to 0.000247 acres of Company's detained land , actually only 247.105163 acres).

    This will be the first ecological and natural organized park thet will be created in Riviera Maya.