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  • Posted On: Feb 10, 2017
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  • Description: Want to meet up with other Expats & Internationals, regardless of nationality, language, culture, for get together, events, activities & our famous "apero international"...

    Be part of the greatest international community in Paris. Party & Network together!!

    Internationals In Paris is a social network uniting internationally orientated people who live in Paris.

    Fabiano & Benoit organise weekly social events which attract young and successful expats, internationals and french internationally oriented from all walks of life and countries of the world.

    With around 6000 members from a diverse range of countries the attractions of Internationals in Paris are the shared experiences and cultural openness of members which result in fun and friendly apero and many social events in Paris.

    Internationals in Paris offers a large choice of interesting Parisian venues for its wide range of meetup and get together events : casual or trendy cocktail style apéro in brasseries, on very nice terrace & patio, in cool lounge, night bars, famous night clubs, restaurants, houseboat (with cruises), wine tasting session, even picnic etc...

    Always the perfect centrally located venues to experience events & parties, language-exchange & cross cultural evenings, social get together, business networking, wine tasting, etc.

    There is something for everyones tastes and needs ;-)

    So get a sip of a small world gathered in unique venues for great moments & join that attractive mix of great folks in one of most dynamic and friendly group.

    For further details and events planning have a look to